Must Use Skin Care Ingredients

If you’ve ever went to the store to find the perfect skin serum or cream, then you know how many ingredients are going into these products. Looking at a formula label can be an exercise in pronunciation. But behind these confusing, tongue-twisting terms lie some familiar faces. Some are more straight-forward than others, of course. Let’s look at our list of must use skin care ingredients, so you can put some names to faces.

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate – You may have noticed this one in our review of Hydro Perfect. If you did, then you know that it’s actually just a formal name for a water soluble, stabilized form of Vitamin C. That’s right, the stuff in oranges. Vitamin C is a popular ingredient in skin care products all over the world. That’s because it possesses remarkable qualities. One, it’s packed full of free radical neutralizing antioxidants that can help to calm the skin. Two, it’s a known skin evening agent that can help blur the hard lines between age spots and other problem areas, and your normal healthy skin. So when you see Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, think Vitamin C, not poisonous chemical.

Oil – When you think oil, you think acne. But having a healthy oil balance in your skin is what keeps it looking buttery smooth. Having the right amount of oil in your skin care product is a very good thing. But which oil do you pick? That’s something of a fierce debate. We tend to favor lighter oils. But depending on the circumstances, sometimes a light oil isn’t enough to get your skin feeling hydrated

Peptides – These are a fatty, lipid-like substance that skin care products use to help seal and nurture the skin. When used correctly, they can substantially help prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL). TEWL is one of the leading causes of surface skin aging.

Plant Matter – Nothing says sexy like plant matter, right? But you’ll probably recognize quite a few types of plant matter in your skincare products. One of the hottest ones out there right now is sea kelp, which is thought to provide anti-inflammatory properties. There are more benefits to be found in other types of plants. Aloe vera juice is a staple. Lavender is a common choice as well. The list could go on for the rest of this article. If you’re going the natural skin care route, we recommend looking for some of these ingredients in your favorite products.

Must Use Skin Care Ingredients | Final Thoughts

If you want to get your skin looking great, giving it the right care is essential. That’s why we think that some of these ingredients are essential to a good experience. We’re not saying that everyone of these is a perfect fit for each one of you. But rather that these are ones to look for in your favorite products. We obviously didn’t have time to cover all the great ingredients in the skin care world, but there are more out there to be found. Thanks for reading!